Sales Development

Creating some of the most consistant Sales Organizations on the planet. 

More sales, More Profitable Sales  and consistency at hitting and over delivering sales quotas is hte most important thing for a sales organization. 

What we do is examine all facets of your sales groups, presentations, and managers and design our approach to fit your personalities, products and your brand. Very simple: we increase production.

Our system involves teaching, observation, implementation, and follow up coaching.

First: We learn about you, we learn your products and services, we learn your brand. We are the best listeners in the field of consulting. After we know you, then we can recommend way to improve, help, or in some cases restructure. In all cases you will learn so much just by having our outside perspective. Don’t worry we will break the bad news gently and we promise to have a solution  before we do.

 Second: We Teach .  Your sales staff will be taught the most innovative closing techniques proven in modern physiology. In Its simplest terms we teach your sales people persuasion, not just the best things to say but how to deliver the information and structure responses to appeal to the powers of subconscious influence.  Our system will teach your sales people to get less objections and more agreement.  Sales are easier when you truly understand how people think and why they behave the way they do. We will change the way you look at sales and customer care forever. Our systems change lives; you will never be the same.

Third:   We actually  do it . They say those that can’t teach. We say you never met us. We not only teach you we walk you through implementation during your sales.  We guide you to make sure you are using what you learned as you apply our innovations to your sales techniques. We don’t just talk the talk we will walk the walk with your sales people and guide them during their sales process whether it be on the phone during a sale, or reviewing what they will do on their next sales face to face. We love  taking phone calls to answer questions. No one is more attentive at helping  your sales people  design their presentation to best apply our system. The best news is after a few sessions with us. They won’t need us but it’s nice to know we are here to help you implement.

 Forth: Follow up coaching. After some time has passed and you are successfully applying our techniques we will come back to review, hear the great stories, and answer questions that will surely come up. Once you your sales people learn our persuasions system and master their personal approach to it , they will  want to learn more. We have over thousands of hours of new and exciting material based on over 20 years of physiological and scientific research. Our methods are about science and psychology and have been proven over years of testing and practical applications.  Between or our research groups and the thousands of studies published we can teach you something new and exciting everyday.  

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